Because we care...

*Hair Trim Steps:

  1. ​Welcome!
  2. Kids can choose a tv show (Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, Cocomelon, etc)
  3. Seat comfortable
  4. Choose lollipop
  5. Cover shirt with cape if possible
  6. Consultation about hairstyle
  7. Hair trim
  8. Sticker and/or surprise (depends on availability)
  9. Ready to enjoy the new look!!
  10. Thanks and See you again!!


  • Create a routine. (Once every 2 or 3 or 4 weeks a hair trim)
  • Bring a tiny snack to keep them busy
  • Bring an extra shirt (Better if change after hair trim)
  • ​Use other words for haircut if that word cause them stress. (Trim the Hair, Shorten the Hair, Fix the Hair)
  • ​Always positive reinforcement ("You are doing great", "Almost done", "Looking handsome")
  • Before the hair trim, show photos of different hairstyles to increase their interest in the activity. (Even if that is not the haircut you will want for that day)​ Compare the hairstyles with characters that may like. (Spiderman hair trim, Elmo hair trim, etc.)

Pio-Pio Kids Salon  have created a unique environment with the needs of the kids in mind. This helps create a positive experience before, during, and after the haircut in everyone. We recommend you to visit the Winter Park location since that location has a closed door and is smaller. Our staff have the experience and the patience to make them feel comfortable as well. See you Soon!

Please call 321-304-0003 for appointments and details.