We have handicap wheelchair ramps for better access in our premises.

Pio-Pio Kids Salon is your family friendly hair salon. Because we know how important is to share a good time with the family, we created a fun environment will everyone in mind. This helps create a positive experience before, during, and after the haircut in everyone. 

Our location in Winter Park accepts by appointment only. We keep at all times the salon and waiting area clean and sanitized. We use a clean cape and set of hair cutting tools for every kid. After every haircut we clean and sanitize equipment and area for your kids safety.

From kids to grown ups, no limit age for a good haircut. Little and not so little ones can enjoy programs from Disney Now, Nick Jr, PBS Kids, YouTube, and more while getting their regular haircut.

There is a train table, doll house, cars, and drawing table to keep them entertained as well.

We offer modern and classic haircut styles, fades, buzz cuts, complementary hair style for girls after haircut, first haircut certificate, untangling, refreshing shampoo and conditioner, simple braids, fairy hair, delicious lollipops, surprises and lots of fun!